Herb Gardens Indoor or Outdoor

Herb Gardens Indoors or Outdoors

You may have been thinking about starting an herb garden or adding one to your current garden. So the choices are you going to put your herb garden indoors, outdoors or make a container herb garden that can be moved from outdoors to indoors. An indoor herb garden does not have to be planted to move outdoors. It can remain indoors all the time.

Outdoor Herb Garden Advantages Indoor Herb Garden Advantages
More space to plant More convenient to move pots around
Larger yields Easier access to plants – from plant to stove is easier
Can be placed to get more sun Needs a good south or south west facing window for adequate
Can be companion planted to control pests Can be companion planted to control pests or companion plants placed near to each other to control pests
Better air circulation  
Can be grown in pots making it easy to move indoors in winter Can be grown in pots or in a window box or rail box making the herbs easy to move outdoors in the warmer weather
More flavorful yields Temperature is easier to control
  No danger of hail
  Better control over growing medium conditions – can make custom mixes for each plant if necessary
  No weeding
  Year round growing season
   Easier to control watering conditions


Outdoor Garden Disadvantages Indoor Garden Disadvantages
Little to no control over temperature Lower yields
Danger of Hail Less flavorful yields
Have to weed Less space to grow
Have to go outside to access Need to provide adequate air circulation to avoid mildews, molds or fungus infections
Seasonal growing period Will probably need to provide supplemental light with grow lights
Greater likely hood of pest infestations from insects  
Less control of soil conditions  
 Harder to control water conditions  

Whether you choose to go with an outdoor or indoor herb garden, you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment when your herbs start to grow, bloom and you harvest them for use in cooking up savory recipes. You also get the benefits of sprucing up the decor of your house and a purified air. Many of the culinary herbs smell really good. Basil and thyme are two good examples of herb that smell good. All culinary herbs have medicinal uses too.

There is an inner peace that comes from getting working with the soil. Watching your herbs grow can be stress relieving not to mention the sense of accomplishment as you succeed in growing your own indoor herb garden.

Happy Gardening,

John B. Green, Author
7 Secrets Grow Delicious Herbs Indoors

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